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Nozzle Ninja Covid-19 Policies

Nozzle Ninja Covid-19 Policies 0

Nozzle Ninja's primary goal is to  protect the health of our staff, customers,and communities we serve. We also understand that this is a critical time of year for our customers to prepare for the upcoming growing season. 

Nozzle Ninja will remain open for online and phone orders as long as shipping services are available and staff remain in perfect health. Like many of our customers Nozzle Ninja has one key employee and a couple of seasonal part time staff, so remaining healthy is as critical for our business as it is for yours.


Although Covid-19 cannot survive for longer than most orders will take to get to our customers the following policies have been put in place to reduce risk as much as possible.

-All inventory will be handled with disposable latex gloves.
-Where feasible inventory will be disinfected before shipping and during receiving


The storefront and warehouse will be closed to walk in business.

Local customers can always call, text, or email an order in to be picked immediately.

Orders for in Store Pickup will be paid for online or on account and either left outside the door or loaded into the back of your pickup/trailer while keeping at safe distances.

If needing to pick fittings for a project or nozzles in person at the shop is of critical importance in the next two weeks an appointment can be made. You will be asked the standard screening questions and to wear gloves or not touch any inventory. There will be ZERO tolerance for any cold, flu or allergy symptoms.

We hope to protect the health of our customers, employees, and our communities while providing the resources needed to prepare for the 2020 crop year. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 1-877-387-2636 or

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Sprayer Winterizing Tips to Save You Time and Money

Sprayer Winterizing Tips to Save You Time and Money 0

Taking extra time to thoroughly clean, inspect, and winterize a sprayer will lower operational costs, increase trade value, and save time and money next season. This article provides some pointers on getting this job done right.
How Long Do Spray Nozzles Last?

How Long Do Spray Nozzles Last? 0

A common question posed to the Nozzle Ninja is: How often should I replace my spray nozzles? There is no hard and fast answer to this question but this post gives some guidelines to make sure your nozzles are fit for duty. Chances are if you are asking the question the time has come for replacement. As a % cost of your spray operation having properly performing nozzles are probably one of the best investments that can be made.
The Ninja's Guide to Hypro Centrifugal Pump Upgrade Options

The Ninja's Guide to Hypro Centrifugal Pump Upgrade Options 0

Knowing the different options and design features between centrifugal sprayer pumps allows for the selection of a pump that will return the most value to your operation.

Given the wide variety of uses and installation environments for these pumps several options have developed over the years for different market segments. Choosing a pump is no longer as simple as figuring out hydraulic flow and solution flow needed for an application. Other factors such as service life, user knowledge, is downtime critical, products pumped, and installation environment must also be considered amongst many other factors. In response to this Pentair Hypro has evolved their pump line up to meet varying needs of the market and provide excellent performance and value to each segment.

Pump Seal Design and Material

The traditional mechanical pump seal relies on having a flat smooth face to maintain a consistent seal while allowing the pump shaft to rotate. A spring is used to maintain constant pressure on the seal faces while elastomers complete the seal.

Carbon Ceramic

An economical choice for less demanding applications. It does not handle abrasive solutions or run dry conditions well. Ideally this seal would be used for applications where non-abrasive solutions are being used under conditions where the pump will be cleaned out each day and there is little risk of regularly running the pump dry.

 -$75-140cdn less expensive than the next best seal option
 -Does a great job in less demanding applications
 -Does not handle abrasive solutions well
 -greatly reduced life when exposed to run dry or slip stick pump conditions          
-greater potential for lost revenue to downtime
 -potentially higher cost of parts and service labour if used under the wrong conditions
Ideal applications
-Moving water
-Spraying non-abrasive chemicals with an experienced operator
-used with a low pressure automatic shutoff switch
What Hypro Pumps use a Carbon Ceramic Seal?
-All cast iron and poly housing pumps come standard with a carbon ceramic seal
-All pumps that have the letter B in the part# are equipped with an upgraded Silicone Carbide seal
-All Stainless Steel Housing pumps come standard with an upgraded Silicone Carbide seal
Silicone Carbide (Life Guard) Pump Seal
This is the industry standard pump seal for many applications as it is a great balance of durability mixed with affordability. It functions in the same manner as a traditional mechanical seal but uses upgraded materials to provide longer life. The hardness of silicone carbide approaches that of a diamond. This allows the Life Guard seal to hold up well against abrasive solutions. Also carbon graphite flakes embedded into the seal faces  provide better lubrication and better survivability against dry run and slip stick or cavitation events.
Life Guard Silicone Carbide Advantages
-Handles abrasive solutions well
-Can handle run dry conditions much better than the carbon ceramic seal
-Drop in replacement for standard carbon ceramic seal
-Only roughly 10% more than standard seal
 Life Guard Silicone Carbide Disadvantages
 -roughly 10% higher cost than standard seal
 -still vulnerable to run dry and slip stick failures
  -Lower overall cost of ownership but still potential downtime and repair costs
Ideal applications
-All spraying
-Fluid transfer
-All types of spraying equipment and pumping applications
-Manufactures wanting to provide great value while controlling costs
What Hypro Pumps use a Life Guard Silicone Carbide Seal?
-All cast iron and poly housing pumps can be upgraded or built to spec with a Life Guard Seal
-All pumps that have the letter B in the part# are equipped with a Life Guard Silicone Carbide seal
-All Stainless Steel Housing pumps come standard with an Life Guard Silicone Carbide seal
While relatively new this type of pump seal has been available for a few years. Although it serves the same function as a mechanical seal it is a vastly different design. The design houses the seal in a chamber along with barrier fluid. Under run dry conditions this fluid keeps the seal cool and prevents failure. Also Forcefield technology creates a seal and pressure differential between the solution pump cavity and seal cavity it eliminates bonding and slip/stick failures. This greatly increases operational life, decreases downtime risk, and reduces repair and maintenance costs.
Force Field Wet Seal Advantages
-Handles all solutions well
-Eliminates Run Dry Seal Failure
-Eliminates bonding and Slip/stick failures
-Easily maintained
-Potentially reduces maintenance costs over solution pump life
-Greatly reduced chance of lost revenue due to failure and downtime
-Standard GTX Impeller for greatest durability
-Upgraded hydraulic motors for greater durability
 -One year seal warranty
Force Field Wet Seal Disadvantages
-roughly $400 to $600cdn greater upfront cost
-occasional need to check fluid level and add if necessary
-cannot be intalled into non Force Field Pump Models
Ideal applications
-All spraying
-Moving all fluids
-All types of spraying equipment and pumping applications
-Manufactures wanting to provide a top of the line trouble free product
-High Capacity sprayers where downtime is very costly
What Hypro Pumps use Force Field Wet Seal Technology?
-All 9310 series pumps which crossover to 9306 and 9303 series pumps from Hypro
-9307CWS pumps
Pump Housing Material
Housing material should be matched to the products being put through the pump and the environment is will be installed in. Three common materials used are cast iron, stainless steel, and polypropylene
Cast Iron
The most common housing material is durable and holds up well to a wide variety of solutions.
-Good cost to life ratio
-Holds up well to a wide range of fluids
-Fairly resistant to impacts from foreign materials
-Easy to mount
-More likely to wear and corrode from the inside out
-Does not hold up to liquid fertilizer and abrasive solutions as well as Stainless Steel
-Relatively heavy
-Proper winterization is more important
 -suitable for most spraying and fluid handling applications
 -suitable for a wide variety of fluids
 -lighter weight
-Good value for the price
-Larger pump sizes for fluid transfer without the high cost
-No corrosion
-does not hold up as well to impacts from foreign objects
 -less resistant to abrasive fluids
-excellent choice for configurations where less weight is a benefit
-Large 3” inlet and outlet tendering pumps at an economical price
 -general spraying
Stainless steel combines the corrosion resistance of polypropylene and the impact resistance and long life of cast iron into a superior pump housing material.
-suitable for a wide variety of fluids
-Impact and Corrosion Resistant                      
-Capable of High pressures
-Available with Force field Wet Seal for demanding applications
-Very Long Service Life
-excellent value over the life of the product
 -High initial cost
-Highly suitable for corrosive and abrasive fluids
-Highly suitable for liquid fertilizer
 -High Capacity sprayers where downtime is very costly
Impeller Material Pump Housing Seal Type
Nylon Polypropylene GTX Stainless Polypropylene Cast Iron Ceramic Life Guard Silicone Carbide ForceField Wet Seal
Weed Control Chemicals YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Yes Yes
Insect Control YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Yes Yes
Pest Control & Fumigants YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Yes Yes
Liquid Fertilizers YES YES YES YES YES     Yes Yes
Powdered Fertilizers YES YES YES YES YES YES   Yes Yes
Fluid Transfer YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Yes Yes
Acids   YES   YES YES     Yes Yes
Get Pumped With Centrifugal Pump Know How

Get Pumped With Centrifugal Pump Know How 0

Believe me now or Believe me later This article on Centrifugal Pump Wear and Maintenance is here to Pump your knowledge up and prevent downtime next season.
Banjo and Hypro Valves and Fittings Available Now

Banjo and Hypro Valves and Fittings Available Now 0

The Nozzle Ninja Knows that nozzles are only as good as the solution that flows through them. As you gear up for spring check out our selection of transfer and trash pumps, choose from transfer pumps with Manifold Housings, Flow rates of 440usg/min and Reliable Honda or Power Pro Engines. If you are buying a pump to deal with tough spring drainage trust Hypro Trash pumps for years of reliable service. Also available are a wide selection of quality manifold fittings from Banjo and Hypro. For dealing with totes check out the High Speed Hypro venturi with bypass or ShurFlo chem pumps. Keep everything accurate with a flow meter or the Accuvolume
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