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Banjo and Hypro Valves and Fittings Available Now

Banjo and Hypro Valves and Fittings Available Now
The Nozzle Ninja Knows that nozzles are only as good as the solution that flows through them. As you gear up for spring check out our selection of transfer and trash pumps, choose from transfer pumps with Manifold Housings, Flow rates of 440usg/min and Reliable Honda or Power Pro Engines. If you are buying a pump to deal with tough spring drainage trust Hypro Trash pumps for years of reliable service. Also available are a wide selection of quality manifold fittings from Banjo and Hypro. For dealing with totes check out the High Speed Hypro venturi with bypass or ShurFlo chem pumps. Keep everything accurate with a flow meter or the Accuvolume

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  • Michael Wengryn