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Nutrient Application Nozzles

For all your crop care needs trust these nozzle families to get the job done accurately, economically, and efficiently. Bring your protein levels up and manage your risk with a timely top dress application of Liquid Nitrogen these nozzles will get the job done with consistent coverage while minimizing leaf burn. To use the chart below please multiply your desired rate by the conversion factor and use a Standard Nozzle Chart

Also Checkout the Fertilizer Wizard App From Wilger

eg. Desired rate of 10usg/ac of 28-0-0   

10usg x 1.13=11.3usg/ac

So instead of looking up 10usg/ac you would look up 11.3usg/ac to find the correct nozzle size for your speed and rate.

Nutrient Application Nozzles

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