Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ
Low Drift Ceramic ASJ

Low Drift Ceramic ASJ

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The Low Drift Ceramic Nozzle from ASJ is PWM Compatible. It is a pre-orifice Ceramic nozzles that produces Medium to Coarse droplets in the ISO 0.3gpm to 0.6gpm sizes making it a great choice for PWM and Exact Apply users looking for a long lasting nozzle for applications demanding excellent coverage while still providing moderate to very good drift control depending on ISO size and operating pressure. The Ceramic orifices will provide double the nozzle life of comparable Stainless or Polyacetal nozzles adding to the LDC's overall value.

If you are looking for a high coverage PWM nozzle with a medium spray quality the ASJ LDC110 .03 blue an .04 Red flow rates the LDC is an excellent choice.

The .05 Brown and .06 grey nozzle sizes provide excellent coverage and deliver a spray quality that leans more toward  a erage. If these two sizes fit your application they are worth a look.

 Composed of a durable Delrin outer housing and a ceramic orifice and pre-orifice for extended nozzle life and better value for your money

110 deg spray pattern works well with 20 inch nozzle spacing allowing for lower boom heights without the risk of skips

The ceramic pre-orifice features a raised nipple to prevent plugging

Compact design prevents damage and won't interfere with nozzle bodies or booms

Nozzle uses a standard ISO CAP00 or can also be used with an ISO Wilger Lug Cap 



The LDC reduces the production of small drops which are more sensitive to wind movement compared to the Standard Flat Fan models.
• They considerably reduce drift in windy conditions.
• They help reducing environmental impact by decreasing the percentage volume of driftable droplets, minimising off-target spray contamination.
• Their Delrin®-molded outer body, together with their ceramic insert, ensures an exceptionally long useful life.
• ENTAM and ENAMA certified

ASJ Performance Chart

Nozzle Ninja Non-Air Induction Performance Chart

 PWM Application Chart 20 inch Spacing

PWM Application Chart 15 inch Spacing

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