Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin
Guardian Air Twin

Guardian Air Twin

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Yellow 0.2gpm Twistlock cap with strainer and seal GAT110-02
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Nozzle Ninja's Take on the Guardian Air Twin (GAT)

Take the qualities of the Guardian Air and combine it into a one piece design with dual outlets spraying 30 degrees forward and back. That is the GAT. The revised housing is durable and does not fall apart like earlier versions of the GAT and allows for the use of a twin spray nozzle without the worry of nozzle body clearance. The GAT is available up to .08 gpm (white)

The GAT is best suited for high coverage applications of contact herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.Nozzle Ninja Recommended  pressures are 40-70 psi. The dual angled spray will help with coverage of vertical targets as long as a consistent boom height of 18-28 inches can be maintained above the target. The GAT should be run above 30psi as the droplets do get Xtra Coarse and the pattern goes away a bit under 30psi. 

Put Air Induction to work for you. Less Fines, Better Target Adhesion, More Droplets per solution volume. Get your coverage and drift control without overcompensating with overly high water volumes.

The GAT is an easy to use Air Induction and compact twin spray nozzle with 20 degree forward/backward angles. It is popular with Liberty users.

Popular sizes for pull types 20" standard Speeds

GAT110-02 Yellow 10 gpa

Popular sizes 20" Nozzle Spacing Self Propelled common speeds

GAT110-03 Blue 7 to 7.5 gpa

GAT110-035 Cranberry 7.5 to 9 gpa

GAT110-04 Red 10 to 12 gpa

GAT110-06 Grey 12 to 15 gpa

What Hypro Has To Say About the GAT

Guardian AIR Twin spray nozzles are the best choice for high coverage applications where on-target spray delivery is important. They are ideal for low crops withcomplex canopies, such as vegetables, where thorough coverage of the targetand protection of the surroundings are of high importance.

- High-coverage forward and rear facing fans help penetrate complex canopies
- Engineered to provide better coverage with more drops per gallon or litre compared to other air-induced sprays
- Easy-to-install, patent-pending locking ring and o-ring seal design
- FastCap complete includes nozzle, cap, gasket and is available with or without a filter 

GAT Performance Charts

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Nozzle Ninja Air Induction Nozzle Performance Chart 2020

For Nozzle Assistance Dial 1-877-387-2636 




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