Compact Spray Gun 7" 2.2mm Ceramic Nozzle CP4000

Compact Spray Gun 7" 2.2mm Ceramic Nozzle CP4000

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-Diffuser with holes to allow for finer and wider micronebulisation. On the base of the diffuser there is a ring nut that allows the diffuser to be locked in any position. Crucial is the choice of nozzle diameter, as depending on the diameter and pressure of the pump, the nozzle or atomisation changes

-Hand protection. For the protection of the operator, a guard has been designed to prevent, in the event of the gun falling, the trigger lever from being squeezed and the liquid from accidentally spilling out.

-Soft ergonomic handle, essential for uses where the gun is held for many hours. The insertion of this soft rubber on the plastic of the body dampens and eliminates vibrations, which would otherwise be completely absorbed by the operator's wrist.

-Safety lock, compliant with UNI EN 907: if the gun has to be left unattended under pressure, with the available AISI 304 stainless steel hook, the lever can be locked in the OFF position, preventing unqualified persons from using the gun.

-Locking in working position. By pulling the lever to pressure ON, it can be easily locked so that prolonged use of the sprayer is less burdensome for the operator. 

-Hook rest position. If the hook is not used in position described in steps 4 and 5, it can be locked into the lower housing to prevent it from disturbing the use of the gun.

-All components inside the sprayer are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and the pipe is also guaranteed for high pressure. The CP 4000 gun has been subjected to severe test cycles, reaching and exceeding 120,000 opening and closing cycles at 40 bar pressure. The seals and o-rings are all made of VITON, to ensure tightness and excellent durability even for applications with very aggressive chemicals.

-The ceramic nozzles mounted on the sprayer are all Made in Italy, and ensure a very long service life over the years.

-The body of the CP 4000 gun and all its plastic parts are glass-fibre reinforced, to last for years and withstand all operating temperatures [ -27°C / +110°C ]. The CP 4000 is guaranteed to work up to 50 bar continuously.

-The ergonomic design of the flow control selector makes it easy to use and select the working jet to be used

-The NPT 1/2" female swivel fitting is standard on our gun, it prevents the liquid delivery hose from rolling up. On request it can be supplied with a different thread connection

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