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Clean Load Eductor On Board Sprayer RH 11mm High pressure/flow

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Onboard Sprayer Eductor, Poly - (11mm), High Pressure/High Flow

The Cleanload is a self-contained eduction system, which allows the operator the use of one system to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly All crop protection chemistry is mixed at ground level, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the environment Educts 7 gallons (26.5 L) of liquid in 10 seconds and a 51 pound (23.1 kg) bag of AMS in 30 seconds CycloRinse system provides premium cleaning and meltdown of flowable powders, such as AMS, with lid open for continuous fill operation Eduction provides proper mixing of chemicals by immediately placing it into a solution concentrate Extends the life of transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream A kit-adapter cleanload nozzle reducer is available as well,

part #: 3410-0040 DESIGN 7.0 gallon (26.5 L) tank features a wide 16-inch lid (406 mm), holds a full 51 pound (23.1 kg) bag of dry material, and can be used to rinse larger 20-liter (5.2 gal) jugs

Available in three nozzle sizes designed for: transfer pump (16mm), on-board sprayer (centrifugal) (11mm), low flow roller/diaphragm (8mm) applications

Polypropylene eductor features 220 Universal Flange ports and is available in either left-hand or right-hand flow configurations Easy-turning, color-coded valves for safety and ease of us

Sku: 3376-1170
Vendor: Hypro

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