Banjo M350 Pump Head Only

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The new M350 pump saves money in spraying operations.

M350 FastFlow™ technology utilizing a customized diffuser design greaty increases flow rates. With performance over 500 gallons per minute (Plumbed 4" Suction) , you'll spend less time filling, which means less downtime in the field and most importantly, less cost per acre.

Patented tandem wet seal design:

  • Produces less wear
  • Prevents seal breakage from high pressure clean out
  • Eliminates eight leak points
  • Works with natural system pressure to keep seal intact
  • Withstands over one hour of dry run

3" Plumbing 450gpm

4' Plumbing 515gpm

M300 Inlet and Outlet

Does not include Chamber Fluid (Glycol) for Wet Seal

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