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Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzles

Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzles


COMBO-JET®  spray tips use a patented ‘all-in-one’ design, so the cap, tip, O-ring and strainer all snap into one piece.

The design makes it safer and easier to handle, and Combo-Jet® strainers also are 40% longer than other brands, so they plug less.

Every series of spray tip is compatible with all PWM systems, and the drift reduction for each series does not rely on air induction or air eduction to work perfectly.

Combo-Jet Nozzle Comparison PWM

Wilger Combo Jet Nozzles 80° and 110° Information and tip charts

 Wilger Tip Wizard Online Nozzle Selection Tool

Wilger Combo Jet Nozzles 80° and 110° L/HA Information and tip charts

Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzles

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