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Spray Frost Sprayer Winterizer Fluid

Blend of Propylene Glycol and Ethanol with Water and corrosion inhibitors. Spray Frost Economically and Safely Winterizes your sprayer. Please note that this is not the same product as the Spray Frost Ultra Nozzle Ninja has sold in the past. Due to price constraints in the Glycol Market Spray Frost Ultra is only available on a special order basis for Fall of 2022.

Spray Frost is available in the following Sizes

-Bring your own Container-Bulk Quantities filled on site

-1200L tote

-205L/55usg Drum

-121L Drum

-10L Jug

-50 deg Celsius Burst Protection
-30 deg Freeze protection
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Spray Frost Sprayer Winterizer Fluid

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