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Roller Pumps

Roller Pumps are a versatile pump that can offer many different flows and pressures in a space efficient sizing. Typically PTO driven there are also options for electric, hydraulic, and gas engine powered roller pumps.

Roller Pumps are Positive Displacement – In a positive displacement pump the flow from the pump is directly proportional to the pump speed. Liquid is captured and discharged as a fixed volume per revolution of the pump shaft. This positive flow is why all positive displacement pump installations must include a relief valve and bypass line between the pump outlet and the nozzle shut-off valve.
Roller, diaphragm, piston and plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps.

The Hypro line of roller pumps are an economical choice by farmers throughout
the world. The rollers revolve inside the pump housing on an eccentric profile to force spray solution through the pump which then develops
pressure and flow. The roller pump offers a compact design with mechanical
simplicity to provide a low initial cost pump that is extremely versatile. They
operate efficiently at PTO speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm and have a wide pressure
range of up to 300 psi (20 bar) and flow rates of 2 to 62 gpm (7 to 235 lpm). Roller pumps are self-priming and easily adapt to PTO or gas engine drives. Specific seal, roller and casting materials can be selected for compatibility with certain herbicides, pesticides,
fungicides and fertilizers.

Roller Pumps

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