Case 135ft Factory Aluminum Boom Pre 50 Series ANY AIM COMMAND SYSTEM BRS Recirculating boom Kit

Case 135ft Factory Aluminum Boom Pre 50 Series ANY AIM COMMAND SYSTEM BRS Recirculating boom Kit

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High productivity machines make every minute of operation that much more critical. Take your productivity to the next level with BRS boom recirculation for Patriot Sprayers Equipped with AIM COMMAND or any Nozzle Control System that turns solution flow on and off at the nozzle body.


The BRS kits feature straight forward plumbing with durable swivelling fittings to prevent hose kinking when folding. Simple electronics make for easy integration and a much lower risk of downtime.

BRS-Boom Recirculation System Retrofit Kits have been proven in the field by a wide variety of users and machine makes across North America and Australia since 2018. 

BRS-Boom Recirculation System Retrofit Kits modify your sprayers plumbing to allow solution to spray and recirculate through a single plumbing loop. This allows the solution flow to travel through the boom and back to the tank when nozzle outlets are closed and a 3-way valve is set to recirculate.

The single plumbing loop design eliminates any chemical being trapped in seperate recirculation lines. With BRS Recirculation if it goes in the tank it is available to be sprayed!

The system is designed to add minimal extra plumbing lines reducing any extra weight that can effect boom longeveity and height control performance. 

How Does the BRS Single Loop Recirculation System Work?

BRS creates a single plumbing loop for the spraybooms by adapting existing boom ends with custom manufactured fittings specific to boom end type. No cutting, drilling or welding is required. This allows the connection of all boom sections into a single (common rail) line with the existing solution supply lines.

The custom adaptors allow BRS to utilize fork and groove fittings at points of boom movement to prevent broken fittings, hose binding, and kinking that can occur with fixed pipe fittings. The existing solution supply lines are extended to each boom tip to create a common rail plumbing circuit.

A 3-way Electronic valve controls whether the system will be spraying or recirculating.

A return line is plumbed back to the solution tank

Switching between Spray and Recirculation modes is done by a single in cab switch. 

Selecting whether solution is returned to the tank or flushed to the groundthrough a dump line (safe disposal), is done with a simple manual, ball valve.

What are the advantages of the BRS Single Loop Recirculating Boom's Unique Plumbing Design?

-The BRS single loop Recirculation design means that BRS uses less plumbing, less hose, and less fittings than other Retrofit Recirculation Systems. 

          -Common loop design does not trap any charged product in recirculation lines meaning that all product loaded into the tank is available to spray.

          -Reduces overall weight especially with solution in the lines

          -Maintains automatic boom height control performance

          -Simple installation of about one day

           -Reduced installation costs if hiring the installation done

          -Minimal electronics for simple trouble shooting and operation

          -Does not change your rate controller or how you spray

Is it difficult to install and how long does installation take?

The kit is not complicated to install but will take some time The installation should take about a day for first time installers

 Is anything else needed to complete installation?

The Kits are priced with everything needed to complete installation.

Why Will BRS-Boom Recirculation Benefit your Spray Operations?

With New Sprayers Depreciating at over $200/hour and the high cost of Crop Care Products. BRS-Boom Recirculation Offers Solid Payback on installed cost.  

-Reduce time wasted charging/priming booms and rinsing out the sprayer to get more acres sprayed under optimal timing and weather conditions

-Eliminate harmful hotspots as well as missed coverage at the start of fields

-Prolong the life of PWM components by making it simple to flush freshwater through the Nozzle control system nightly and reprime the boom before the next job without wasting any chemical.

-Be More Confident in your Boom Clean-outs and Reduce the time it takes to perform them with reduced rinsate needed and less operator exposure to chemical. A single valve to open to purge the boom vs 15-30 manual valves

-BRS helps to eliminate  rate control issues caused by air in the spray system especially for low rate applications.

Greatly reduce chemical waste charging booms. Increase your efficency and make the most out of your spray windows. Reduce owner and operator stress by making charging and rinsing a simpler faster process. Reduce costly depreciation on your machine and increase trade value. 

 For more information contact Nozzle Ninja at 1-877-387-2636 or

For Reseller inquiries please contact AgStar at

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