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BRS-Boom Recirculation System Retrofit Kits

BRS-With New Sprayers Depreciating at $200+/hour and the high cost of Crop Care Products. BRS-Offers Solid Payback on it's installed cost.  

Save Time-Reduce Time Wasted Charging Booms and Rinsing out Your Sprayer 

Better Use of Time Reduces Costly Machine Depreciation and Makes the most of Limited Spray Windows

Reduce Your Risk-Be More Confident in your Boom Clean-outs and Reduce the time it takes to perform them with reduced rinsate needed to be run slowly through nozzles.

Save Money-Greatly Reduce Chemical Waste Charging Booms. Reduce costly Depreciation on your Machine and increase trade value. 

What is BRS boom recirculation and why will it make your operation more productive?

The BRS Boom Recirculation System allows the boom to be plumbed in a single boom line recirculation configuration. This allows the solution flow to travel through the boom and back to the tank when not spraying.

Pressurize and prime the spray line on the way to a job

That means an instant Start, for an immediate fully dispersed spray pattern saving time and chemical product waste

Flush boom lines to tank or to ground (safe disposal)

Provides dual options for drainage and disposal of left over product or rinsate

 Hygienic contamination prevention- Eliminates particles settling in boom lines or tank 

Far less chance of Costly Carryover Damage from hung up product.

More efficient  rinse process to get back in the field crushing acres faster and with confidence


BRS Boom Recirculation System Key Benefits

-Improves efficiency allowing for more acres to be sprayed in the proper application window

-Minimizes the risk of costly carryover damage from product being trapped in boom supply lines

-Reduces operator stress and exposure to chemical


How Does it Work?

The system is enabled by replacing the boom section end aspirators with a specificially engineered fitting allowing the connection of all of the sections into a single (common rail) line.

Switching between Spray and Recirculation modes is done by a single in cab switch. 

Flushing to ground (safe disposal), is done with a simple manual, ball valve

 Is it difficult to install and how long does installation take?

The kit is not complicated to install but will take some time to route hoses and secure them properly. The installation should take less than a day for first time installers

 Is anything else needed to complete installation?

The Kit includes all fittings, valves and the valve switch box.

1" hose and hose clamps will be needed to complete the installation. An optional kit is available for order with the system

 The installation support kits include:

-Black EPDM 300psi 1" Hose equal to the length of the boom plus 20%

-Hose Clamps

-Silicone Grease

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For Reseller inquiries please contact AgStar at


BRS-Boom Recirculation System Retrofit Kits

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