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Plug for Twin Cap Nozzle Cap

Product Description
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Add angle  or repurpose your favourite nozzles and alternate or angle the spray pattern for more effective coverage of small weeds in early spring or post harvest conditions*

Have a specific target to reach?

Need a compact solution to create an effective angle of penetration?

Consider the twin cap nozzle holder combined with a blanking plug to utilize just one of the nozzle positions.

When Used with a single Non angled nozzle the Twin Cap equipped with Blanking Plug creates a 30 degree angle of attack

When combined with a 3D Nozzle you can achieve a nearly 67 deg angle.

Use a Guardian Air or CFAT-Air Stubble Jet nozzle and you can realize an Air induction nozzle with Coarse to Very Coarse droplets and a 40 or 43 degree spray angle respectively

  • Blanking cap can be removed to use a combination of two Nozzles
  • There is no offset on cap so when alternating the spray direction along the boom spray patternation remains excellent
  • A blanking cap allows for the use of larger flow rate nozzles and coarse droplets than using two nozzles with the twin cap.
  • Tests carried out in the wind tunnel at TAG Silsoe showed an alternating 300 spray gave an 8% increase in spray coverage on artificial small grass targets in comparison with a vertical spray.
Sku: 30q3834
Vendor: Hypro

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