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Ultra Lo-Drift 120 deg Nozzles

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Nozzle Ninja's Take on the Ultra Low Drift (ULD)

Bread and Butter, Workhorse, Veteran Pro, these could all be used to describe the ULD. It is a tried, tested and true air induction nozzle that delivers exactly as advertised. Drift reduction and coverage.

The ULD performs best from 50psi to 80 psi but holds its pattern width well down to 25 psi.

The unique feature of the ULD is the pyramid like structure of its spray pattern. This "thick" pattern helps to entrain any smaller droplets by surrounding them with larger ones. The thick pattern combined with the low number of fines this nozzle produces make it very drift resistant.

Highly suitable for systemic applications at a wide range of pressures and will also work well from 50-100psi for application more focused on coverage. The Air filled droplets explode on target contact to improve adhesion and reduce runoff that can occur with non-air filled droplets.

The ULD gets the job done giving you confidence that your product is getting to the target.

Put Air Induction to work for you. Less Fines, Better Target Adhesion, More Droplets per solution volume. Get your coverage and drift control without overcompensating with overly high water volumes.

Popular Sizes for 20" Nozzle Spacing Self Propelled Common Speeds

FC-ULD120-02 Yellow 5 gpa

FC-ULD120-025 Purple 6 gpa

FC-ULD120-03 Blue 7 to 7.5 gpa

FC-ULD120-04 Red 10-11 gpa

What Hypro Has to Say About the ULD 

The ULD Ultra Lo-Drift is the ideal spray nozzle for use where drift reduction is paramount. The nozzle produces large air-filled droplets, which cut drift dramatically compared with a standard fan and conventional lowdrift spray nozzles. Ideal for use with pre-emergence and broad spectrum

-Creates air-filled droplets which significantly reduce spray drift
-Wide spray angle (120deg) enables boom height to be lowered to further decrease drift
- Small, compact size reduces the chances of accidental breakage
- FastCap complete includes nozzle, cap, gasket and integrated strainers

Use the tools below to find the right nozzle size and type for your application

Online SPRAY IT Calculator

Ultra Low Drift Performance Chart 2016

Nozzle Ninja Air Induction Nozzle Performance Chart 2020

Order and Technical Info

  • Creates air-filled droplets which significantly reduce spray drift
  • Wide spray angle (120deg) enables boom height to be lowered to further decrease drift
  • Small, compact size reduces the chances of accidental breakage
  • Engineered for superior spray uniformity at all pressures (15-115 psi)
  • Operates at standard boom pressures


  • Large air inlets eliminate the chance of blocking
  • ISO standard colors and sizing ensure that the ULD fits all standard caps and TwinCap
  • Precision-molded in tough and durable polyacetal
  • Available as standard tip and as convenient FastCap for safer handling
Sku: FC-ULD120-015
Vendor: Hypro

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