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Flow Meters

Accurately measure product and solutions with Nozzle Ninja's selection of flow meters and digital tank level gauges. Solutions that solve a wide ranges of problems and fit a wide range of budgets.


Oval Gear Flow Meters are the most consistent and accurate with a wide range of chemical formulations and viscosities. Oval Gear Meters do not require a straight plumbing run before and after the meter.

Magnetic Flow Meters such as the Orion 2 are accurate and consistent with different viscosities of products. However products must be conductive for them to be measured by a magnetic flow meter.

A paddle wheel or turbine flow meter such as the Digiwolf can provide accurate readings but will be sensitive to changes in product viscosity between different temperatures and times of day. 

Nutating Disc Meters such as the FM-1100 are a good value and can provide accurate readings but are sensitive to viscosity changes.


Flow Meters

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